Hook Line And Sinker Game
Description: Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to gain points. Dont try to catch the sharks as they will eat you up......Game Instructions:The aim is to catch the minimum number of fishes to complete the level. You must catch the same kind of fish in a row to reach that level"s fish combo goal. Initially your fishing line will not be very long and you will not be able to catch the bigger fishes. You can upgrade the fisherman"s line length and strength by catching lots of fishes and exchanging them for upgrades. Be careful if you see a shark. If your line is not at full strength the shark will attack you. If you try to catch a shark twice it may even try to eat you. The bigger and more rare a fish is, the more points you earn. You will get bonus points for catching the same kind of fish in a row. Move your boat back and forth by moving your Mouse and Left Click to drop your line and catch the fish.
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