Gravity Launch Game
Description:Play around with gravity to launch a missile and hit the target in outer space..Game Instructions:If you throw a ball into the air, it falls back down to the ground....Why? Because the gravity of the earth pulls it in. All objects (even you!) have gravity, but only really big objects, like planets and stars, have so much gravity that we can see the effect. The more massive the object, the stronger the gravity. When something like a rocket ship passes by the Moon or the Earth, it"s pulled toward that object by gravity.The closer you are to an object, the more its gravity pulls on you. Rockets that are launched from the earth have to work against gravity - otherwise they would never get off the ground! So they have powerful engines that push them forward. The force the engines produce is called thrust. When you launched your rocket, the path it took depended on how much thrust you put behind it, the angle at which it was launched, and the gravity of the Moon and the Earth.When a rocket passes close enough to a planet or a moon, the combination of gravity and thrust will be just enough to lock it in an orbit. The aim of the game is simple; launch your rocket ship to five different space missions. Adjust your ship"s thrust and take-off angle using the lever and dial on the control panel. Then, click the red Launch button to launch your ship. Keep trying until you"ve docked with all the stations in orbit. For extra accuracy, you can type your numbers into the controls. Make sure you press the Enter key after you type. Experiment with different settings and learn how the force of gravity can pull an object toward the Earth and moon. Complete all five missions and you"re a super space navigator!
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