Thing Thing 3 Game
Description:Help your soldier in various challenging missions against a strong resistance, in this great sequel of famous "Thing Thing". ...Game Instructions:This game is an awesome sequel of most popular shoot em up "Thing Thing", with much more exciting levels and quick paced action. Your aim is to achieve different missions according to storyline dialogs through various stages. Remember! Throughout the game you will find strong resistance from your enemies, so shoot them as much as you can for your survival. Also keep an eye on your health and bullet status; however you can pick health aids and additional bullets side by side. Also dont forget to customize your hero with different appearances before entering in the battle. Go ahead and take this challenge... Controls:Move Left - A or Left Arrow Keys. Move Right - D or Right Arrow Keys. Jump - W or Up Arrow Keys. Duck - S or Down Arrow Keys. Run - Shift or Ctrl. Aim - Mouse Pointer. Shoot - Left Click. Change Weapons - E or Num 0. Select Weapons - 1 to 6 Keys.
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