Stickman Sam Game
Description:Help Stickman Sam train himself and take up the mission to destroy all the ufo"s, using various weapons....Game Instructions:This is one of the best stickmen game on the web. In this action packed shoot em up game you have to help Sam the stickman, complete his training to become a soldier. Then get ready to take on the numerous enemies as they come down and blow them up using the different weapons you"re equipped with. This game starts with a basic training level and goes on further as more and more weapons and enemies are added to the game. Before every level you get a briefing about your mission but you can skip that if you know already! Remember the passwords for the levels and enter them on the main screen to play the level directly. Default Controls: Move Left - A Key. Move Right - D Key. Jump - W Key. Aim - Mouse. Shoot - Left Click. Next Weapon - E Key. Previous Weapon - Q Key.
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