Sift Heads Game
Description:Play as Vinnie, who works for the Mafia in Chicago and sift enemy heads in different missions to earn money!!!...Game Instructions:In this action packed, tactical shooting game you"ll play as Vinnie, the sharp shooter of a Mafia in Chicago. This is your chance to show off your shooting skills and earn money! Take up the different challenging assignments and accomplish them successfully. Every level begins with a mission briefing, follow the instructions carefully and eliminate your target to complete a level. You need to be very accurate and quick or the enemies will spot you and you"ll be killed. Use your Mouse Cursor to aim and Left Click to shoot, while you can reload by pressing the Space Bar. ATTENTION: Go into the Options from the game menu and click on the HINTS to switch it OFF. This will increase your game playing pleasure!!! Go ahead and sift the enemy"s head...
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